Employment Contract Template

Employment Contract Template

Employment Contract is signed whenever  you join any firm or company for their services offered to the public. The purpose of drafting an employment contract or service level agreement (SLA) is to formulate a systematic approach for your stay in the company. Being a worker of the company, you shall try to sign all terms furthermore circumstances of the contract that wouldn’t you bound too much to detract your attention from core responsibilities. However you can’t force an employer to agree with you on your own terms hence you have to do compromises. By starting so, you should be very careful not to sign on terms that you simply can’t fulfill furthermore are unable bump in to any dispute at future. As soon as you enter into an understanding by signing an Employment Contract you found yourself ready to start working with peace of mind.

For Employers, it is vital to decide and agreed on standard terms of operations with new employees to avoid any trouble in future. It is their well deserved right to protect their interests and assets at the time a new employee is stepping into their premises. Key elements for an Employer in such contract could be:

  • Clear Description of Services
  • Start date along with Service period
  • Compensation Details such as Salary and benefits
  • Terms for Breaking or Completion of this Contract
  • How to Renew at the end

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Employment Contract Template

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