Website Design Contract Template

Website Design Contract Template

Website Design Contract Template is prepared when a customer hires a professional website development company to create or develop a website design for their official use. It’s more typical that such customer provides feature descriptions simultaneously along with his website design specification to explain what he is looking for from your team. While signing any official contract, it is a good practice to avoid as much as possible to get involved in disputes. Hence you’ll need to draft design contract with your customers by applying standard practices to better serve your customer and also be on safe side. It doesn’t matter if you are working as Freelancer or representing a big design company, you must put standard terms of operation in such contract and then abide by it in all circumstances.

The core elements of a Website Design Contract includes description of service, timeframe and cost estimates. Moreover, you will also be required to provide a verification criteria to help any independent body to evaluate if that design job is done as per customer satisfaction or not. A few customers might demand a plenty clause if you exceed time in delivering the required design as they will be bounded by other dependent activities.

There are also numerous other key points in such contracts that every designer has to be aware of. For instance, while drafting a design contract, you should clearly mention the language or technologies used to design that website so that nothing comes up as  surprise at the end for your customer. You should also mention your payment terms clearly with or without advance deposit requirement.

Here is preview of this Free Sample Website Design Contract Template created using MS Word,

Website Design Contract Template

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