Confidentiality Contract Template

Confidentiality Contract Template

Confidentiality Contract is known to be a legal document signed between two parties regarding disclosure of properietry information to safe guard its inauthentic and undesirable access. Such material can be technical material, insights or a kind of key suggestions or solutions for upcoming perspective. The purpose of this contract us however to restrict further sharing of such material to virtually any party or person. Different companies uses different names for such confidentiality contracts to actively safe guard their interests regarding the tangible or intangible assets. Some well-known names of this contract are Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Proprietary Information Arrangement (PIA), or Secrecy Agreement (SA). However, the purpose or objective associated with such contracts remains similar irrespective of the title given in order to it at all of the cases.

Such contract is signed by the mutual permission of both the parties which are ready to enter in some business deal in order to secure prospective company relationships with their clients whereby, they do not try revealing of the bits and bytes of the company’s technical assets.

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Confidentiality Contract Template

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